Mission Statement

Our Mission at USA, LLC is to be the best security agency that we can be. To protect, serve, minimize risk, to deter criminal activity and to make our clients feel safe, secure and protected. We are committed to our Core Principals which are; Integrity, Honesty, Commitment and Efficiency. We will achieve our Mission by our determination in providing the highest standards of security services and employing dedicated security officers to meet the daily security challenges that we face today.


Company Information

United Security Agency, LLC. (USA, LLC) was incepted in January of 2012 to provide a complete range of physical security needs designed to accommodate a multiplicity of clientele. USA, LLC. is owned and operated by Chief Albert Lemon who is a former United States Naval Veteran and former Baltimore City Police Officer. Chief Albert Lemon is recognized for his commitment to restoring harmony within inner city communities and surrounding business. As a former Baltimore City Police Officer of the northwest district, Chief Lemon remains actively involved in community programs such as police based community patrols and the Police Athletic League (P.A.L.). Chief Lemon takes pride in making certain his officers and clients alike are content. Chief Lemon strives to make USA, LLC the best security company that it can be.

USA provides a multitude of security services to the Baltimore Metropolitan Region including Maryland Suburbs and Washington DC. USA, LLC aggressively recruits the highest level of security professionals by instituting rigorous employment procedures and practices. USA makes certain that we only hire the most highly trained and reliable security specialists to provide safety & security to all of our clientele and vendors. USA highly values its’ customers and clients; holding itself to a higher standard than most other small security agencies.

USA networks with other larger security agencies to assist with small business and minority subcontracting set aside goals. USA, LLC also networks with other companies in the industry to enable itself to be well rounded in the security field. At USA we will continue on a steady path of obtaining multiple agency certifications, accreditations and industry membership affiliations to fast track our growth.

We will provide you with high quality security services at an affordable rate while meeting or exceeding your security demands and challenges. USA will utilize our thought leadership processes and procedures to conduct your on site assessment visit; this will save you money and will reduce criminal activity, while deterring violent crime. Our security services resources boost a combination of over 50 years of security experience, law enforcement past performance – all in the Government, Commercial & Residential sectors.

Command Center

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